Mobility Scooter Trade-In and Part Exchange Birmingham

Here at Ideas In Action, our mobility scooter part exchange service is perfect for anyone who is tired of their old scooter and is looking to upgrade to the latest model. At Stechford Mobility, we’ll give you money off a new scooter when you trade in your old one, so your new scooter is affordable and practical.

You can either send pictures of your current mobility scooter to our email address alternatively, you can visit our showroom and bring along your current scooter. Our expert staff will then provide an on the spot evaluation and demonstrate any of the brand new scooters we have to offer.

Give us a call on 0121 371 0780 if you want to part exchange.

Part-Exchange your Scooter for a new one!

We take into account the age, condition and history of each part exchange scooter. If repairs need to be made to your old scooter, the cost of repair will be deducted from your evaluation – but you needn’t worry, our in-house scooter repair shop is the best in Birmingham and very fairly priced.

To upgrade to a state-of-the-art mobility scooter today, contact our friendly team. You don’t even need to have bought the scooter from us originally. All you need is a mobility scooter to trade-in and you will soon be on your way with a new scooter you can depend upon.

We’re always happy to help at Ideas In Action.

Trade in for one of these brand new scooters:

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Money off a new scooter when you trade in your old one

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Trade in for one of these brand new scooters: