Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Rollator Walker

Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Rollator Walker


The Mobilex Gepard has a frame made of carbon fibre and aluminium, making it one of the lightest rollators on the market today starting from just 5.5 kgs.

Although very light, it offers a high degree of stability coupled with extreme ease of movement.

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Mobilex Gepard Carbon Fibre Rollator Walker


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Modern ultra-light made of carbon fiber 4 wheel rollator which weights 5.4 kg. This beautifully designed rollator helps patients with disabilities or in elderly age to stand up, stand, walk and rest.

It’s very maneuverable, handy and functional. Designed for patients with max weight up to 150 kg and the bag can carry load of max weight up to 5 kg. Cross folding allows easy folding for transportation and storage.

This walker is equipped with soft seat which allows patients to rest while longer walks. Handles are height regulated and can be easily adjusted to users height.

The push handles are height-adjustable with an easy to read numerical marking and a simple thumb turn lock. It features a textile seat and padded back strap, and a locking system that stops it reopening once folded.

The large 8” smooth-running wheels are equipped with 2 brakes for optimum speed control that are also lockable for parking. The detachable bag has a load capacity of 5 kgs and can also be used as a convenient shopping bag.

The Rollator is tested and approved for a user weight of up to 150 kgs.