Handicare 1000 XL & XXL Straight Stairlift

From £2,530.00

This is our heavy duty stairlift. It benefits from most of the same options as the standard 1000 model but comes with the capacity to carry up to 25 stone on the XL model and 31 and a half stone on the XXL model.

The 1000 XXL is the latest addition to Handicare’s comprehensive range of straight stairlifts. The 1000 range continues to be a favourite for many, thanks not only to its superb seating system but also to its super slimline anodised hidden rack track that maximises clear space on the stairs.

  • 2 Year
    On all straight stairlifts

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Handicare 1000 XL & XXL Straight Stairlift


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The XL features

  • Manual swivel seat
  • Unique ergonomically designed toggle switch for ease of use
  • Safety sensors; the stairlift automatically cuts out if it comes into contact with an obstruction
  • DC power, enabling the stairlift to continue to run for a limited number of trips in the event of a power cut
  • Includes two handheld remote controls, ideal for multiple users
  • Upholstery available in a choice of 6 colours
  • Slimline rail with unique solid aluminium cover
  • Standard weight limit of 160kg/25st

Available options:

  • Powered folding seat
  • Powered seat to footrest folding link available
  • Powered swivel seat
  • Perch seat
  • Powered or manual hinged rail; allows the stairlift rail to be folded out of the way to avoid blocking doorways or access at the bottom of the stairs
  • Outdoor version available

All Handicare’s stairlifts are tested and approved by worldwide independent inspection services. This gives you the assurance that all of their products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

In addition to the features and benefits which are known from the 1000 Series the XXL offers you the following extra benefits:

  • An additional 40kg meaning you can confidently accommodate users up to 200kg.
  • The safe working load of 200kg is currently the highest available in the market.
  • Double arm spacers – increases the width between the arms of the Smart Seat from 550mm to 637mm.
  • XXL velcro belt – this extra extra long black belt has velcro on either end to hold it firmly in place (1100 mm. longer than the standard velcro belt).
  • Extended seat base as standard – extends the Smart Seat depth from 360 mm to 425 mm.
  • Powered swivel as standard – this makes turning the stairlift seat to get in and out on the landing as easy as possible.