Why You Need Mobility Insurance for Your Mobility Scooter

Insurance is essential for those who own a mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair.  An accident or mishap could occur at any time, and could spell significant distress for an uninsured user. This article will explain why mobility insurance is a vital investment and should be considered by every scooter and wheelchair owner.

Here at Ideas In Action, we offer insurance for a range of our machines, including;

– High-Value Scooter and Powerchair Insurance

– Scooter and Powerchair Insurance

– Manual Wheelchair Insurance

– In-Home Insurance

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Are accidents likely on mobility scooters?

Accidents do happen, and it is often those who are less-abled that suffer most from the consequences.

Over 61 serious accidents involving mobility scooters were reported in 2017, figures from the Department for Transport show. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years as more scooters gain the ability to travel on pedestrian roads.

The government states on their website “You do not need insurance for a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, although it’s recommended.”

Why get mobility insurance?

To retain independence

Mobility scooters are more than just another piece of equipment; for many users, they are essential for their independence.

Mobility scooters can get lost, misplaced, damaged or stolen. Losing such a vital piece of equipment would mean losing out on life for a lot of people. They may need to alter the daily routine and receive additional help that can impact those around them.

Loss or damage insurance ensures the user’s independence is maintained.

For financial security

Mobility scooters are expensive pieces of kit. Many users simply cannot afford to buy a replacement in the event of loss, damage or theft. This can lead to the user refraining from going out as much as they’d like for fear of damage.

Insurance gives the user the peace of mind that their valuable scooter can be replaced when needed.

To avoid lengthy disputes

As well as harming the user, mobility scooters can also harm others. Purchasing insurance will prevent lengthy disputes resulting from accidents.

Personal liability insurance provides legal liability for accidental injury to any person or damage to property.

Why get insurance through a reputable company?

There are some companies who look to profit off of vulnerable adults by offering vague insurance policies and incomplete cover.

Only use insurance brokers you can trust. You want to ensure the company you use is:

– Accredited

– Experienced

– Transparent

– Respected

– Well-reviewed

Ideas in Action, for example, are an accredited partner for Mark Bates, a registered provider of specialist insurance for over 21 years. Together, we’ve created a comprehensive insurance policy that protects users of all types of scooters at all price points. To cater to each customer individually, we also allow you to tailor the insurance policies to your specific needs and requirements.

Ideas In Action (Midlands) Ltd T/A Stechford, Unit 4 Leviss Industrial Estate, Station Road, Birmingham, B33 9AE is an appointed representative of Mark Bates Ltd t/a Premier Care, Premier House, Londonthorpe Road, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 9SN who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Number: 308390.



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