Stairlift FAQs

On this page, we answer some of the frequent queries we receive from our prospective stairlift customers. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, by all means do get in touch with the friendly team at Stechford Mobility. We’ll be happy to help.

Can stairlifts be fitted to any stairs?

There are different types of stairlift to suit different types of stairs. For example, a curved stairlift can be installed to get around stairs with a 90°angle. Straight stairlifts are also available and are fitted to traditional staircases that go from bottom to top without a bend.

If you would like advice about which stairlift is right for your home, get in touch with Stechford Mobility and we will happily arrange a free home visit.

Is there a weight limit on stairlifts?

Stairlifts do have a weight limit. We stock the highly advanced and practical Handicare stairlifts. The weight limit on stairlifts vary across our range.

The Handicare 2000 has a weight limit of 21 1/2 stone with a heavy duty kit added. The Handicare 1000 however has actually got a weight limit of 31st when upgraded to the XXL model. The 950 incidentally has got a bigger weight capacity than the 2000 as it can carry 22st. For advice on which stairlift meets your needs or more information on how stairlifts can be customised to your needs, get in touch with our friendly team.

Can stairlifts go around corners?

The Handicare 2000 and Freelift stairlifts are capable of going around some of the tightest track bends available on the market. The twin rail system offers a smooth, judder-free ride and the lifts come with a seatbelt for additional safety, as well as a folding footrest for practicality.

Curved stairlifts are made to order, so make sure to arrange a free home visit by the friendly team at Stechford Mobility.

Can you rent a stairlift?

Stairlift rental is a key service here at Stechford Mobility. It’s a great option for those who have temporary immobility conditions or who are moving between homes. We install your stairlift at a cost that includes the first month of hire and then charge monthly after this. All prices are inclusive of any parts or labour required to maintain the stairlift. Extended warranty is also an option provided very easily via ourselves.

Are stairlifts safe?

Stairlifts from reputable manufacturers are tested for safety standards that are set by independent safety bodies. This means all stairlifts are made with quality parts, tested manufacturing techniques and meet certain minimum requirements and limits.

There are standards for weight capacities, speeds of travel and many other safety features such as seatbelts and footrests. You’ll also be getting a bespoke installation if you choose a trusted mobility dealer like Stechford Mobility

This means that the stairlift will be installed by experts and thoroughly checked to make sure it fits you and your home perfectly. We’ll also stay with you on your installation date for as long as you need until you are confident you know how to use your stairlift safely.

Will my stairlift work if there is a power cut?

Don’t worry about being stuck on the stairs during a power cut. Modern stairlifts use D/C batteries to move you up and down the stairs. These batteries are hidden from view and connect to the mains power. This means that the mains charge the batteries and the batteries move the chair along the track.

So, should you be unfortunate enough to have a power cut, your stairlift will still work. Many stairlifts have enough power to make up to 20 trips on a single charge.

My Stairlift is flashing lights / What does the light on my stairlift mean?

The lights on your stair are part of its troubleshooting mechanism. They can indicate all is well, or that there is an issue of some sort. Please refer to our Handicare Stairlift Troubleshooting guide for the fault codes that you may comes across.

For more information on stairlifts or to discuss your needs and requirements, contact our friendly team today.