How to Look After Your Mobility Scooter Guide

A well-looked after mobility scooter should last for around five years. To maximise the lifespan of your mobility scooter, it’s important to take great care of each component. That includes the battery, brakes and lights. It should also be stored in a suitable environment and serviced annually by a professional.

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In this article, discover exactly how to look after your mobility scooter.

Invacare Cetus Mobility Scooter

Above is the new Invacare Cetus Mobility Scooter.


Keep your mobility scooter in a clean and dry area

Moisture, dirt and grime can damage the electrical or moving parts of your scooter. Keep your mobility scooter clean and dry by storing it in a suitable place and wiping it with a cloth after use. If you are unable to store your mobility scooter indoors, you must cover it with a waterproof scooter cover.

Lock your mobility scooter away

Keep your mobility scooter safe by storing it in a secure area. Ideally, you should store it in a lockable unit separate from your home.

Ensure your storage area has access to a plug socket

You’ll need to charge your mobility scooter after every use, so it’s imperative that your chosen storage location has an accessible plug socket.

Don’t store your mobility scooter behind any obstacles

Maintain easy access to your mobility scooter by storing it at the front of your chosen storage location. Remove any obstacles between the entrance and the scooter that may prevent you from gaining access.

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Charge your mobility scooter’s battery after every use

Charge your battery to full capacity between uses to keep it in its best condition.

Charge your battery occasionally when it’s not in use.

We recommend fully charging your mobility scooter’s battery every now and again during periods where you aren’t using the scooter. If the battery is not used, it will decay more rapidly, so keeping it topped up is the best way to keep it functional.

Set up a charging rotation with a spare battery

Rotating the battery in your mobility scooter is a great way to ensure your scooter always has enough power.

Only use chargers that are supplied with your scooter

Use the original, manufacturer-approved charger to charge your battery. Third party chargers may damage the battery and reduce its capacity.

Get it tested with professional servicing and maintenance

It should be noted that every battery will inevitably erode over time, so it’s important to have the battery tested as part of your scooter’s annual service.

Ideas in Action offer a maintenance and repairs service for every mobility scooter. Our professionals will assess your battery for any damage and replace it if needed.

Wheels and tyres

Check your tyres for wear and tear regularly

Check your tyres for any signs of damage before taking it out on long trips.

Ensure your tyres are within the recommended tread limits

Your scooter’s user manual should detail the recommended tread limits for your scooter’s wheels.

Check tyre pressure regularly

A flat tyre could put your safety at risk. Check that the tyres of your mobility scooter are suitably inflated.

Get your scooter’s tyres professionally serviced

Tyres should be assessed during your scooter’s annual servicing. Professionals will check for wear, inflation, tread and damage. If necessary, the tyres can be repaired or replaced.

Ideas In Action provide maintenance and repairs for your scooter’s tyres. Our professionals will check to ensure that your tyres are legal and safe.


Check your mobility scooter’s brakes before every trip

You should be able to brake gently and be able to perform emergency stops. You should ensure both types of braking are functioning correctly before every trip.

Get your scooter’s brakes professionally serviced

Any signs of wear or damage could put your safety at serious risk. Take your scooter for servicing and a professional will be able to identify any and all issues with your scooter’s brakes. They will repair or replace the brakes as necessary to ensure the scooter is safe to use.

If you’d like a professional to check on your brakes, contact the team at Ideas in Action. We offer expert maintenance and repair services for all components of your scooter.

Lights and indicators

Check your lights and indicators for any damage or fault

Blown fuses and faulty wiring are problems that often go overlooked. If you notice any signs of damage or issues with your lights or indicators, get them serviced or replaced by professionals, such as the Ideas and Action team.


Take out insurance in case anything happens to your mobility scooter

Insurance can be taken out for theft or accidental damage of your mobility scooter. At Ideas in Action, we offer insurance with every purchase. For more information, visit our insurance page.

Servicing and maintenance

Get your mobility scooter serviced annually

Ideas in Action are a Birmingham-based supplier of mobility equipment. We provide a comprehensive repair and after-sales service that ensures your mobility scooter remains functional and safe. With over 40 years of professional experience, you can rely on our team to make all the necessary ongoing mobility scooter servicing and mobility scooter repairs. No matter what you need, we’re here to help.

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