Do I need mobility scooter insurance?

Do I need mobility scooter insurance?

Mobility scooter insurance isn’t required by law, although we’d highly recommend it. Your scooter is a vital tool of independence and if you are living with mobility impairment, you’ll know that your scooter is indispensable.

Therefore, insuring a scooter against the unthinkable is the only way to guarantee a safe, working scooter everyday, no matter what. So, how should you go about it?


Home contents insurance: if you use your scooter in the home, then it is covered by your home contents insurance. Always check with your provider, but as long as the value of the scooter doesn’t exceed the single item limit, you should be covered for scooter insurance around the home.

Outside the home: it is likely that you will use the scooter to travel beyond your home. In this case, you’ll be best served by a personal possessions cover policy. This insures you against damage and loss of your scooter outside your home.

Third party insurance: if you are using your mobility scooter in a busy city centre, you may benefit from third party liability insurance if you run over someone’s foot or damage any property accidentally with the scooter.


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