Straight Stairlifts

If you’re looking for a new or reconditioned straight stairlift from one of the leading suppliers in the West Midlands, then look no further. Although straight stairlifts obviously cannot be installed on stair cases that have bends or corners, they are still highly flexible.

Regardless of how steep or narrow your staircase is, and no matter how long you need the tracks to be, The Stechford Mobility Centre are specialists in the installation of straight stairlifts to suit all manner of straight staircases.

Not only that, but because the tracks and installation process is much more straightforward you can expect your straight stairlifts to be less expensive. And even if your staircase is mostly straight with just a small turn at the top, we can provide bridging platforms with most straight stairlifts to ensure ease of access without the worry of having to pay for a curved stairlift for the matter of two or three steps.